Shoreline Recovery recognizes that addiction and recovery can be stressful for both potential residents and families.  Therefore, we are committed to providing personal support from your first inquiry leading into admission in order to make the process as efficient as possible.

It is preferred that potential residents have had previous inpatient treatment, as our recovery house is not meant to be a substitute for that level of comprehensive care.  Shoreline Recovery is designed for individuals with a recovery foundation and who are ready to integrate and function one day at a time in recovery, employment, volunteer and/or academic settings.

In order to be considered for admission to our house, the potential resident must complete an application and develop a recovery plan.

An initial phone screening will be conducted in order to see that the prospective resident is an appropriate candidate for Shoreline Recovery. If he meets our requirements, he is asked to complete an application and meet for an in person interview with the house manager or owner.

Following this meeting, the house manager or owner will contact the applicant and inform him of whether or not he has been accepted. Acceptance is based on the candidate’s assessed ability to be responsible for himself, his recovery and respect of others.

Shoreline Recovery does not provide clinical services. However, we partner with the appropriate agencies for support services, counseling, job training and placement. We encourage residents to complete outpatient chemical dependency programs when appropriate and to utilize other community resources to enhance the recovery process. Residents have access to the house manager 24/7.

A site visit can be arranged for both the potential resident and families.

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