Shoreline Living Solutions believes in the philosophy that one addict/alcoholic helping another will help her to stay clean and sober. Shoreline Living Solutions helps residents take the crucial steps to recover their lives in the following ways:

  • Taking responsibility for self physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually
  • Taking responsibility for their home and neighborhood by participating in the upkeep of the house inside and outside
  • Taking responsibility towards and maintaining employment and/or school

Our Philosophy

We believe in a strong 12-step program. Residents are required to attend five NA or AA meetings per week, obtain and use an NA or AA sponsor and become involved in a home group.

Life at Shoreline Living Solutions

Recovery Services

Shoreline Recovery offers a safe, healthy environment for women where collaborative community networking is emphasized. Our home offers women the opportunity to live in a peaceful and quiet shoreline setting while focusing on their recovery.

Women who are interested in living at Shoreline Recovery are strongly encouraged to:

  • Attend an Intensive Outpatient Program or Structured After Care Program.
  • Obtain monthly Vivitrol shots, if an IV Opiate user.

Recovery Facilitation

  • 90 Meetings in 90 Days
  • Referral Source Collaboration
  • Continuing Care Service Provider Collaboration
  • Weekly Recovery Coaching
  • Frequent, Random Drug Screening
  • Manager keeps family members apprised of the progress of each resident on a case by case basis (if appropriate).

Community Building

  • Monthly Community Meal
  • Monthly Fun Nights
  • Weekly In-House Women’s Meeting

Life Skill Development

  • Morning & Evening House Check-Ins
  • Weekly Scheduling & Planning
  • Employment Guidance & Support (as needed)
  • Financial Counseling (as needed)

Shoreline Recovery is designed for women who have one or more months of sobriety. It is not a place to get sober – it a place to LIVE sober. The house is a safe, supportive place for women to live while discovering what they want to do with all the opportunities afforded by a life in recovery. We ask residents to commit to a minimum of 90 days, but we encourage you to consider a plan of 6 months or longer. 

The residents of Shoreline Living solutions do their own food shopping and prepare meals in a well-appointed kitchen. Pots, pans, dishes and utensils are provided.

Chores are rotated weekly among the residents, and each person is responsible for her or his chores to be completed on time. All residents are expected to respect others by keeping the house clean.